Zak Slayback Discussing Self-Efficacy and Success on the Stephen Perkins Podcast


I recently had the pleasure of joining Stephen Perkins on his podcast, the Stephen Perkins Podcast with Outset Magazine. This is one of my favorite recent interviews. Stephen and I discuss schooling, education, economic stagnation, and how to develop a sense of self-efficacy and make yourself succeed.

In this podcast, in particular, I go into detail about where I think a lot of self-help and personal development literature goes wrong, how to get started on living a happier, more successful life, and the importance of self-efficacy and seeing yourself as competent in the world.

This two-step process includes 1) figuring out what you want; and 2) building a path to get there. I go into detail about how you can do both. There are chapters in my new book How to Get Ahead When You Have Nothing to Offer that go even deeper on both.


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