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Stuff I Don’t Do: 

  • Backlinking (No, I won’t promote your infographic on an old article)
  • Affiliate marketing for products I don’t actually trust and enjoy
  • Network marketing
  • Endorsements of stuff I don’t actually use and enjoy
  • Life coaching (here’s why you shouldn’t listen to most life coaches)
  • Most business coaching (I can help with sales and business development)
  • Networking events

Stuff I Do Do: 

  • Help you negotiate a raise
  • Help you land more deals
  • Help you ace your job hunt and get your dream job at a startup
  • Create world-class courses (join my email list for access to those)
  • Take thoughtful and non-spammy guest post submissions
  • Workshops, seminars, and keynotes on topics of professional development and career success
  • Answer questions about your career and how to get ahead in it.

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Speaking as a plenary keynote to 500+ nonprofit executives at the State Policy Network Annual Meeting.

Talking about education and real-world skills on Michelle Malkin Investigates


To be honest, the marketplace seems oversaturated right now with coaches and people who are looking to give professional advice/mentorship. More importantly, the market seems oversaturated with under-qualified, or flat-out unqualified, people looking to enter this space. I never really doubted Zak’s abilities, but given how hit or miss other people’s services can be, I approached this with a little bit of hesitation and skepticism. Right away my team and I started seeing getting replies on our cold emails and fundraising efforts. Zak totally outperformed my expectations. He demonstrated that he is the real deal when it comes to this stuff. My team and I all came away from the experience feeling like we had learned a lot, and that it would significantly aid us in our work.

— David Clement, Nonprofit Fundraiser at Students For Liberty, Hired me for an email outreach workshop.

Most workshop and conference speakers aren’t worth what they cost. They come in to say a few words, pump a few people up, and leave.

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Send me an email if you want to talk about a workshop on any of these topics — I custom-tailor every workshop for my audience:

  • How to send emails that actually get replies.
    • Great for sales teams, fundraising teams, startup founders, authors.
  • How to land professional mentors who help you succeed.
  • How to get more done without burning out.
  • How to build a personal brand that helps you succeed at your career.
    • Great for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • How to create a network that sends opportunities to you (without feeling sleazy).
    • Great for people who are skeptical of “networking” and for people who want to network with VIPs.
  • How to MAKE Very Busy People listen to you.

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