You Don't Hate Mondays or Capitalism - You Just Hate Your Job

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Today's audio blog is in reaction to a sentiment I've seen some friends share - "You don't hate Mondays, you hate capitalism."

My response is simple: you don't hate either of these, you hate your job.

The good news is, you can change this. You can stop hating it or you can quit.

Here are some resources referenced in the conversation:

The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Udemy for learning new skills

Apple's guide to Swift

Stoicism: books by Seneca

Stoicism: books by Epictetus

Deskboubnd: Standing Up to a Sitting World by Kelly Starrett

Thanks to Isaac Chapman for some feedback on audio quality. If you have feedback, leave a comment on Soundcloud or shoot me an email here.




I'm Zak. I'm a venture capital professional and writer focusing on how to build a great career. You can find my writings here or reach out to me at

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