Doers 014 - Ed Latimore on Boxing, Rising from Nothing, Living Next to Crackheads, and Writing


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Ed Latimore is a heavyweight boxer, writer, and physics student living in Pittsburgh, PA. He's the author of several books, the most recent of which is Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Superpower

Ed joins me for a varied discussion covering everything from gaining a reputation through Twitter (where I first found him), joining a boxing gym at 22 and now being 13 and 1 in tournaments, rising from the projects in Pittsburgh's infamous Hill District and lessons learned living next to crackheads and crack dealers, and the importance of becoming a better man.

You can follow Ed on twitter here: @edLatimore

You can find him on Instagram at @edwardlatimore

You can see his website here.

All episodes of Doers are produced by Lacey Peace. Kudos to Lacey for making this episode producible, there were some technical errors in recording due to low bandwidth.


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