Zak Joins the "Ya Jagoff!" Podcast


Jagoff - nound - A Pittsburgh-ese term for a person who is being a real jerk!
He is such a jagoff when he answers the phone with, "Whaddaya want?".
I had the pleasure of joining a local podcast in Pittsburgh named the "Ya Jagoff!" podcast this week on the invitation of Aaron Watson.
Aaron and I join around 13 minutes.
I'll be the closing keynote at Aaron's January 27th event, The Going Deep Summit, in Pittsburgh, PA. My talk, How to Get Ahead When You Have Nothing to Offer, presents the case that one of the best places you can be is feeling like you have nothing to offer. I'll show how such a person can find an amazing mentor with their own network, open any door for themselves, and accelerate their career past their peers with "something to offer."
There are still tickets left. You can get them here. Using the code SLAYBACK will get you a discount.

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