Content Roundup and Updates on Forthcoming Work

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I've been busy with work with the Praxis team the last few days and building out our improved education program for preparing apprentices for on-boarding at startups across the country.

The End of School is currently on sale for the lowest price that Amazon will allow it to be sold at and the reviews are starting to come in.

I plan to write more regularly in the next month, contributing to The Mission on Medium and have been republished a number of times over at My focus for the next few weeks will be on subjects related to education, finance (monetary policy), technology, and social change.

Recently featured on LinkedIn's Editor's Picks: The Student Debt Crisis Hurts Us All by Stifling Innovation and Growth

Recent podcast interview: Slayback to the Future with Isaac Morehouse

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

  • July 16, 2016 -- Pennsylvania DeMolay State Convention -- Seven Springs, PA -- Speaking on The End of School and how to approach career and education as a young person today.
  • July 20, 2016 -- d10e -- San Francisco, CA -- Leading a panel on the future of work.
  • July 30, 2016 -- Global Innovation -- Mexico City, Mexico -- Speaking on how to get stakeholders to buy into an idea.


I'm Zak. I'm a venture capital professional and writer focusing on how to build a great career. You can find my writings here or reach out to me at

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