Zak is a keynote and seminar speaker on topics related to education, professional development, and intelligent self-improvement. His clients include professional organizations looking to take their members to the next level professionally, corporations looking to improve and retain their best young talent, schools and educators striving to create education to serve their students, and student groups interested in the ideas around building an outstanding career outside of traditional advice.
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Zak joins teachers, homeschool parents, college educators, and administrators to discuss how they can take their students and institutions to the next level. Most educators know the factory-inspired model of schooling that we've inherited is not working well. Students and educators are unhappy and feel stifled.
It does not have to be this way. Through keynotes, lectures, and seminars, the educators with whom Zak works reclaim the drive and passion lost in so many young people today.
Example Workshops & Keynotes:


 Ambition Mapping: How to Inspire Goal-Oriented Learners 

The End of School: How Educators Can Save Learning from School

How High Schoolers Can Accelerate Their Success Beyond College Students

Higher Education Alternatives

Zak is a one-of-a-kind thinker and doer. As an educator in public schools, Zak helps me move from simply loathing a system that can be incredibly frustrating due to the monotonous lack of true innovation to assuming the role of a doer. Avoid the tendency to make excuses for why what he says can't be done "in my context" and wrap your mind around the practices and systems that we as "schoolers" have created that don't serve us or our students. Then listen. You will find a call for us to take off our centuries-old hats as "talkers" in front of a classroom. Instead, you'll be invited to answer a call to empower ourselves and our students to start doing what really matters: make sense of the world around us and do something about it.
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Teacher & Education Executive


Any good manager or founder knows that much of success in business comes down to the people you hire and the people you retain. Zak's corporate clients learn how to find, train, and retain the best young talent and win out in the competitive marketplace for talent. Cool offices and swanky perks don't retain top young talent -- effective training and professional development do.
Your work together consists of creating professional development that does more than just sounds nice and goes in an HR brochure. Young talent learn what they want and how to get there in the corporation. Through effective development and incentive structures, clients become more effective at executing on their vision.
Chatting with Zak was the thing I needed to put my career on the fast-track that I had been looking to find.
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Young Professional

Student Groups

Most career advice given to young people today is awful. It's written by people who have not had to find real jobs for years -- if not decades -- and is so often repeated that it becomes ineffective. 
The student groups Zak joins learn how to take back their educations, accelerate their careers, and find opportunities that nobody else is finding. You do not have to wait years to get on the path to your dream job and dream life. Our events and workshops help you find out how to build a career you're excited about today. 
We've hosted Zak as a speaker on multiple occasions and he's always well-received by the students and University. Zak offers a unique and charismatic voice on education, personal advancement, and breaking the mold.
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Student Leader, FGCU

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