New Recordings, Guest Appearance, and a Free eBook!

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Here are a few updates from what I've been up to (or others have been up to relevant to me) in the past week.

I joined The School Sucks Project podcast today to talk credentialing, career success, schooling (and deschooling) and so much more. If you aren't familiar with SSP and enjoy my writing on education, do check it out. It is a phenomenal project. You can listen here or on iTunes.

Tom Woods (whose show I joined this spring, here) put out a free eBook on education without the state. Yours truly is featured in one of the chapters. You can get it here.

I released a few more short recordings. If you enjoy these recordings, subscribe to my email list (above) and let me know. I may have a cool project coming down the pipeline...

On fulfillment and the difference between being reactive and proactive:

The truth about college earnings reports:



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