My Research Poster on Contempt is Now Available

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I presented a poster summarizing a component of my summer research yesterday at the Penn Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships open house. My poster focused on the reactive attitude of contempt and how contempt may be seen as a morally (dis)valuable emotion in various contexts.

You can find a copy of the .pdf below. Working with limited space, there was much that had to be left off, so I am glad to (attempt) to answer any questions below.

While the poster does give some background on the general research project (that being, reactive attitudes in moral psychology, largely post-Strawson), and it may seem much of the poster comes from one piece of literature (Bell, M. Hard Feelings: The Moral Psychology of Contempt), the project spanned more than three dozen pieces of literature from a variety of sources, including Bishop Joseph Butler, P.F. Strawson, Adam Smith, Friederich Nietzsche, Laura Radzik, Jean Hampton, Jeffrie Murphy, Adrienne Martin, and others.

In Defense of Contempt

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