Ever Felt...

“I wish school had taught me how to find my dream job and not just 'any' job."

“I keep trying to get meetings with people and keep getting ignored.”

"I want to write but I don't know what to write about or why people would listen to me."

"How do I make a name for myself without being sleazy?"

"I never got 'the right education' in order to succeed."

"How do I get people to take me seriously at my age?"

"How do I find time in my day to work on what I really enjoy?"


Me too.


I’m Zak Slayback. I help ambitious people get ahead in their careers. I help them grow their networks, sell themselves, find their focus, and land their dream jobs.

I learned how to do this from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and executives and hundreds of young people starting their careers in just the last few years.

The biggest thing I learned: most of the career advice given today is terrible.

Instead of focusing on theory and resumes or some fad-career, you should focus on learning key skills that let you stick out from the pack. 

I learned these skills myself. I went from feeling insecure and sleazy when networking to being excited about and having fun meeting new people. I went from being some kid from Pennsylvania's coal country to building multi-million dollar organizations and getting coffee with billionaires. I've given talks to thousands of people, written books, and met my heroes.

All because I focused on these skills.

I want you to imagine:

  • Reaching out to ANYBODY and feeling excited about building a relationship without feeling weird or worrying about rejection. Even if you don’t have a network now.

  • Never worrying about being “awkward” or not “socially intelligent” -- whether that’s strangers at an event, an important mentor, or on the job. Imagine feeling like you can own any conversation and make anybody interested in talking with you more.

  • Writing about an issue you care about and knowing how you want to communicate it and that others want to hear what you have to say. Imagine becoming prolific and getting people to listen.

  • NEVER having to worry about “not having the right education” again. (Some of the least-educated people I know are the most successful and some of the most educated people I know struggle.)

My goal is for you to  know that you can get ahead. You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in a job you hate, feeling unqualified or inexperienced to take on a job, or that you don’t know “the right people.” 

You can get the career education school should have given you.

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