KEYNOTE VIDEO: How to Get Ahead When You Have Nothing to Offer

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I had the pleasure of being the evening keynote for the 2018 Going Deep Summit this past Saturday. In my talk, I covered how to understand low opportunity cost, leverage that with Very Busy People, and use their networks to grow your own, all without any fancy credentials or BS-vending buzzwords.

Midway through the talk, I decide that it’s better to work directly with attendees on their career bottlenecks than to just stand around and talk about concepts all day. We worked with a young lady who wants to become an internet marketer, a young man who wants to be an entrepreneur building tech products, an experienced HR consultant who wants to get into the drone mapping industry, a young lady who is unsure about doing outreach to busy people, a man who wants to offer his skills to CEOs but has no idea how to price his services, and a number of Very Busy People who want to get more done but don’t have the time in the day.

Tools to Get Ahead

We also discussed how to email anybody and my favorite tools for scouring the Internet for emails addresses. My 12 Done-For-You Email Scripts are designed to help you do outreach without having to stress about it. Some of my favorite tools include FindThatLead and good, old-fashioned Internet sleuthing for email addresses.

The point I stress repeatedly: do outreach. The worst that can happen is somebody ignore your email address. 

Being miserable in your job is a choice. Not having a job is a choice.

Likewise, escaping your miserable job is a choice.

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