Doers 015 - Gordon Miller on Angel Investing, Starting 10 Businesses, and Succeeding on Quora

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Gordon Miller is the founder of G3 Systems, Inc. and the founder and general partner at G3 iVentures, LLC. At age 28, he founded G3 Systems and has built it into a multi-million dollar business with zero outside investment. He's started 9 businesses since then and 8 of his businesses still operate today. Gordon joins Doers to discuss what he learned from starting a business relatively young, advice he has to aspiring entrepreneurs (hint: don't quit your day job), and lessons learned from doing angel investing. We also discuss Quora, where Gordon has quickly build up a multi-million reader following, which he has leveraged into increased deal-flow for his investment firm, G3 iVentures. He openly solicits pitches at

All episodes of Doers are produced by Lacey Peace.

I'm Zak. I'm a venture capital professional and writer focusing on how to build a great career. You can find my writings here or reach out to me at

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