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MAKE Busy People Reply To Your Emails - Land Meetings & Calls, Double Your Salary, Get Your Dream Job Interview - and Know Exactly What to Say With My Real-World Tested System.

STOP STRESSING ABOUT EMAIL. Stop sending emails that don’t get replies. Stop telling yourself, “I hope they reply to me…” Stop feeling like you can’t get ahead.

I spent YEARS learning email outreach directly from successful fundraisers, CEOs, salespeople, and world-class connectors. Now, for the first time, I want to share it with you.

Take the stress out of LANDING MEETINGS with CEOs & executives, PITCHES with investors, dream job INTERVIEWS, and COFFEE with your dream mentors.

Stop wasting time with the worn-out, tired email advice out there. Use my REAL-WORLD TESTED SYSTEM to know exactly what to say and make people reply.

Even Smart, Hard-Working People Struggle with Email Outreach.


I couldn’t fall asleep. I was stressed out of my mind. I hoped that I’d wake up the next morning to unread emails. But that felt like little more than just a hope.

I was working a job doing business development. It was my job to meet with some of the busiest CEOs in the country and sell them on a crazy idea – hire college dropouts for jobs that require degrees.

Once I had them listening to me – on the phone, in the room – I could sell them.

But it was the “get in the door” part that was hard.

I didn’t naturally have a network. I grew up in a small, rural town where the most successful person I knew owned a local bank.

I had to build it through outreach.

Most everything I read about writing emails didn’t seem to work. “Keep it short” wasn’t working. Writing long emails got ignored. Cold-calling was a pain in the ass.

I spent hours in front of Gmail, writing beautiful emails full of exactly why these people should care about me and why they should talk to me.

I’d check every comma.

Double and triple check the name.

“Surely these emails will work, right?”

I’d click “send” and…


A few bounces.

A few people telling me to stop emailing them.

One curt reply that I couldn’t tell was good or bad.

Then I tried email scripts, but they sounded canned and got ignored.

This was bad. The sinking feeling in my stomach told me that I needed to do something different.

After trying a few more approaches that didn’t pan out, I realized I had two options.

I could send ten thousand emails every day – spray and pray – and hope to get replies…


I could learn how to write an email that made these people love me and want to reply.

School Never Teaches How to Send Emails that Work

Everybody in the professional world has an email address. And email is THE main tool in the real world. But schools don’t teach students how to send emails.

Instead of learning how to write an amazing email that makes readers want to reply, we learn that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

This means that most people enter their careers with only some vague idea of what a good email should look like.

So, it should be no surprise that even smart people struggle to write great emails.

But, like any skill, it can be learned.

I went back to first-principles and real-world data.

I looked at all the emails I sent over the last few years.  I checked my personal gmail, my company email, and my Penn email addresses to see if I could figure out, “what works? What doesn’t work?” 

And I called up a few of my friends and mentors who were successful fundraisers. Their jobs were literally to get millionaires and billionaires to want to meet with them. Some of them had raised millions of dollars before they even turned 30.

I studied their emails.

I studied how they got meetings.

I studied what they researched before they reached out.

I studied how they grew their networks.

I studied what made people LOVE replying to their emails.

And more importantly: I immediately tested what I learned.

It took some time and I had to tweak what I had learned based on feedback from the people I was emailing, but something amazing started happening.

I started getting positive replies.

Instead of hearing NOTHING or getting bounces, I started getting emails like this:

“Sure, let’s schedule a call for next week.”

“I’d be happy to meet while you’re in town. Let me know a few times that work for you.”

“Sounds interesting. I’ve CC’d my colleagues here to find a time to chat.”


Sending Amazing Emails is a Career Supercharger


I was finally getting replies from CEOs, executives, investors, and busy business people. And these weren’t just CEOs of any companies. These were the CEOs of Inc 5000 companies — the fastest growing companies in the country.

These were people who get BOMBARDED every day by TONS of emails asking them for their time.

And they replied … to me!

They didn’t just reply – they replied positively. I was landing meetings and calls left and right. For a while, the company actually got to a point where I had brought on too many business partners.

I felt like I found the Holy Grail of networking, careers, and business. I finally knew that if I needed more meetings, all I had to do was write a few emails.

And I knew EXACTLY what to say.

So I decided to see if it works with more than just CEOs and executives.

Soon, my calendar was PACKED with meetings and calls with people I previously only dreamed about talking to.

I got my writing featured in big publications I thought would take decades to get into:



And I was even able to use what I learned to land paid speaking engagements, earning thousands of dollars for every talk:



And interviewed on talk shows…



Learning how to send emails that actually get replies benefitted my career more than any other skill. It was the single-best way to open new doors and create new opportunities.

So, I decided to start teaching it.


Others Have Already Seen Results from My Email System


To be honest, the marketplace seems oversaturated right now with coaches and people who are looking to give professional advice/mentorship. More importantly, the market seems oversaturated with under-qualified, or flat-out unqualified, people looking to enter this space. I never really doubted Zak's abilities, but given how hit or miss these services can be, I approached this with a little bit of hesitation and skepticism. Right away my team and I started seeing getting replies on our cold emails and fundraising efforts. Zak’s email system totally outperformed my expectations. He demonstrated that he is the real deal when it comes to this stuff. My team and I all came away from the experience feeling like we had learned a lot, and that it would significantly aid us in our work.

-- David Clement, Nonprofit Fundraiser at Students For Liberty, Hired me for an email system workshop.

There is nothing more agonizing than trying to land press for the launch of something - may it be an event, book, or company. I was totally lost and spinning my wheels shooting off emails to publicists who would leave me on 'read' and not reply at all. Then, it dawned on me that it could be my email strategy. While I may write a bestselling book, I can't write a best selling email - who knew! Zak helped me entirely reconstruct what I was putting out, and his effectiveness immediately yielded a bite from a journalist at Entrepreneur Magazine! Score! I want to go to Zak for every email I ever send from now on… if he'll let me. 😉

-- Haley Hoffman Smith, Author of Her Big Idea

Introducing Email Anybody: Know EXACTLY What to Say to Get Replies, Save Time, and Stop Stressing About Email.

I finally decided, if schools don’t teach this career superpower, I will.

I used to only teach this material to my private career coaching clients or to companies that hired me to teach it in a workshop to their employees (for $2,500+ per workshop).

But now, I’ve put the system into an easy-to-use and no-BS course. This is so that YOU can experience the same amazing opportunities that sending an amazing email can bring you.

You can come back to this time-and-time again while reaching out to drive more replies to your emails.

You don’t need to rely on scripts that don’t sound like you and feel canned. You just need to know how to write a great email that breaks through the noise and gets results.

Use this to get replies from:

  • Busy CEOs, executives, and business owners, who constantly have a million things on their plates. Land more deals. Get a raise.
  • Hiring managers and recruiters, who are under pressure to find good candidates. Get your dream job. Get a competing offer to negotiate a raise. 
  • Editors and journalists, who get bombarded by bad pitches daily. Get published in big outlets.
  • Investors, who get pitched dozens, if not hundreds, of times every day. Pitch world-class investors.
  • Authors, artists, creators, and anyone people want to talk to. Learn from them and get coffee with people you look up to.

I’ve distilled this science down to an easy-to-use step-by-step system. This means every time you sit down to send an email to an important person for your career, you can know exactly how to proceed.

Here’s what’s included with your LIFETIME ACCESS to this video course:

  • My STEP-BY-STEP system for writing a great email. Every. Single. Time.
    • Including the exact questions that run through people’s minds when they get emails from strangers.
    • Exactly how to answer these questions so that you sound authentic but still succinct – even if you’re not a good writer.
  • All of my suggested Subject Lines That Work. How you can craft new subject lines based on your unique situations.
  • A flow chart you can use to remind yourself, “how should I write this email?”
  • My favorite REPLY TRIGGERS to lock in meetings, calls, and appointments with busy people.
  • The BIG MISTAKES most emailers make that will KILL your chances of getting a reply (and how to avoid them).
  • Three unbeatable Mental Models to be confident about your emails before you click “send.”
      • Based on a thorough understanding of economics and the value of time, these tests have saved me hundreds of hours alone.
  • How email masters utilize the “PS” after the end of an email to increase positive replies.
  • Exactly what to research before sending an email, exactly where to research it, and how much to leave in the email and what to leave out.
  • BONUS: My favorite tools for finding email addresses, reducing bounce rates, tracking opens, and keeping track of contacts — even if you’re just using them for your personal email.
  • BONUS: Exclusive audio interviews with outreach experts (perfect for a commute to work).
  • BONUS: 100+ pages of my BEST email outreach content organized into easy-to-access PDF guides.
  • BONUS: My COMPLETE and UPDATING library of scripts to get replies from CEOs, investors, editors, and executives. As I develop new scripts, I’ll keep updating this library.
    • Including:
      • Get CEOs and busy executives to meet with you.
      • Get your writing featured on a big publication.
      • Get coffee with your coworkers, even if you’ve never met them.
      • Pitch early stage investors, even if you have no other investors yet.
      • Ask for introductions after a meeting, even if you just met the person.
      • Ask for introductions from friends, even if you haven’t talked in a long time.
      • Get an interview at a company, even if they aren’t hiring.
      • Send a thank you note to a busy professional who gave you advice on your job search.
      • And many, many more as I update the library.

Get Instant, Lifetime Access to Email Anybody Now. Start Getting Replies.

You shouldn’t have to dread email outreach.

You shouldn’t have to deal with bounces and no replies.

You shouldn’t have to default to scammy-sounding scripts.

You shouldn’t have to waste your time learning the hard way.

And you shouldn’t have just “hope” that you’ll get a reply.

I put this course together so that you can know exactly what to say to lock in that meeting, get that conversation on the calendar, and confirm new opportunities for yourself.

You don’t have to spray-and-pray when it comes to emailing important and Very Busy People. You just need to understand how they see their time.

You can write the email that lands you your dream job, books the biggest deal of your life, doubles your salary, or gets you published in a major magazine.

This is all an email away.

This course walks you through exactly what to say to get that kind of email opened, read, and replied to. Every time.

“Your methods just flat-out work.” What my clients and students say.

A few weeks ago you ripped one of my cold email to shreds and transformed it into something simple to read and more importantly, easy to respond back to with one hand. I've seen a lot of good results. This led to more appointments which has in turn lead to more closes. You can mark me down as CLOSED WON for purchasing Email Anybody.

-- Yale R., Sales Executive

Your advice on cold emails has been especially valuable [in my career], and has helped me get in front of the right people. I’ve used your email advice to reach out to several CEOs and CFOs of businesses in the area, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response rate.

-- Michael T., Private Equity Executive

I got in touch with some very busy high profile people that are now a part of my team by using your email system. No doubt your scripts and content on sending effective emails contributed to that. When I think "how do I write this email" I think ‘Zak Slayback’ already.

-- Kylon Gienger, Business Owner, Host of the Successful Dropout Podcast

Zak’s email system took me from unanswered emails to a bunch of meetings and opportunities with prominent industry connections (I work in film in LA)- many of whom have since become valuable mentors. I’ve used these emails countless times, and they’re among my most invaluable tools!

-- Grace Mumm, Young professional & Actress

Comes With My Industry-Leading Money-Back Guarantee.

I’ll give you a 110% refund if you try the course and decide that it won’t help you get ahead in your career.

Yes. 110%. Really.


I believe that you’ll get that much value out of this course. And I believe in respecting the value of your time.

There are a ton of courses out there and I stand firmly behind what I’ve put in this one.

I worked for years on the content behind this course. I’ve gone back to my real-world testing grounds to get it right. I’ve tested different approaches, developed new Reply Triggers, found what worked from mentors & teachers (and left what didn’t), broke down my own emails and the emails of friends, clients, and colleagues. All to filter what works from the communication-guru BS out there.

If you’re curious-but-skeptical, I get itI would have been, too, if I came across this course years ago.

That’s why I did take the time to test it.

Time-and-again, clients come back to me, delightfully shocked. They’re FINALLY getting replies. And they feel confident about approaching any new outreach.

I can’t promise a reply to every email – but I can promise that you’ll get better and more replies and save hours of time and stress.

Try the course and if you don’t love what you see after applying it, I’ll refund 110% of your purchase.

Simon Fraser, business owner, used this system to land a speaking engagement:

AJ Goldstein uses this system all the time. Here he uses the REPLY TRIGGERS to land a meeting after days of back-and-forth over scheduling:

DJ Podgorny used my email system to land his dream client and launch his side-hustle:

You’re a legend! I'm two weeks into the initial project and it seems like they are loving my work. You rock.

I’ve shared your email systems with one of the young men I mentor and he used it to reach out to professionals in the community (including a Harvard professor) and has seen good results. This is a low-income kid that was passionate about being successful and the fact that he was able to get a response from busy people encouraged him to develop his skills further. We are now in the planning phase of developing a web series focusing on financial literacy that he will share with his community.

-- Alexander F., Wealth Advisor


Get Instant, Lifetime Access to Email Anybody.

You don’t have to guess at what a great email looks like or use the same-old tired scripts that make you sound like a scammer.

You don’t need to spray-and-pray that people reply.

You don’t need to throw your arms up and give up, saying it’s all hit-or-miss.

You can learn how to write authentic, amazing emails that QUICKLY get replies from people who ignore OTHER people’s emails.

You can land that dream interview — even if you don’t know anybody at the company.

You can schedule that big meeting — even if your emails bounce now and gatekeepers shut you down.

You can pitch that editor — even if you tried before and failed.

You can close those big investors — even if your emails are now going ignored.

You can open up doors you only imagined in your career. All it takes is learning how to send emails that get replies.

I spent years researching what to say and how to say it — and then countless hours putting together Email Anybody so that you can know exactly what to say to get a reply.

Email Anybody is now Cold Email Master and can be purchased here.