Zak works with companies and educational institutions to help them develop the best and most effective talent possible. From creating onboarding and professional development programs inside companies to working with school districts to design student co-op programs that not only support but empower students to get real world experience, Zak helps build that path for opportunity alongside partner organizations.

Corporate: Attract, Train, and Retain the Best Young Talent

 Success as a business is not just about who you hire. The individuals you fail to fire and the individuals you promote play just as large a role in the success of your company.
Zak works with clients across industries to evaluate professional development needs, develop low-overhead, high-return programs designed to accelerate your employees' professional growth.
Past programs include interpersonal soft skills for sales and business development professionals, professional goal-setting and plan development programs, and professional writing training programs.
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Over the past few years, I've worked with Zachary on several projects including things like planning education workshops, publishing a book, and creating online courses. In every single instance, he delivered more than what was promised. ... If you want someone who not only preaches excellence, but who exemplifies it in every area of life, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better candidate than Zachary.
Education Director

Education: Real World Skills and Connection

Zak helps education institutions, such as school systems, colleges & universities, and homeschool cooperatives, develop programs connecting their students to the real world.
Past programs include remote co-op programs that allow students to land remote internships with companies hundreds of miles away from their hometown, effective goal-implementation programs, and incorporating professional development into IEPs.

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Zak is a one-of-a-kind thinker and doer. As an educator in public schools, Zak helps me move from simply loathing a system that can be incredibly frustrating due to the monotonous lack of true innovation to assuming the role of a doer.
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Teacher & Education Executive

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