The Ultimate Guide to Doing Research Before Sending Cold Emails

A free guide by zak slayback

"I used Zak's recommendations and got a reply from a lead who said she usually deletes all incoming sales pitches. This works!" - Declan Wilson, Brick & Click Owner

Doing quality outreach means doing research on your targets before you email them. This research does a few things.

  1. It prevents you from putting your foot in your mouth when you email them. I get people sending cold emails to me for ICOs telling me that they think they’re relevant to me for the work I do in the crypto space. I don’t do anything in the crypto space – if I did, I would want them to reference what I did so that I knew their email wasn’t just spam. Basic research can help you not look silly.
  2. It gives you points of mutual rapport. Points of mutual rapport help you speed up the relationship-building process by showing the other person that you share some values with them. These may be taste-based values, like that you both like the same football teams. These may be more complex values, like that you share a religion or membership in a values-based fraternity.
  3. It signals to the person you aren’t a jerk. If you want somebody to give you their valuable time, you should signal to them that you’ve already given up some of your valuable time before reaching out to them.