Last updated: May 27, 2018

(Inspired by Patrick Collison's bookshelf.)

I write posts every few months featuring some of my favorite books at the time and spend most of my leisure or travel time reading. I bought a Kindle merely for the convenience of not having to carry four books in my luggage and when the best workout I had in years was moving boxes of books into a moving truck, I realized I may buy too many book. My close friends can expect me to give them a book if they come over for dinner and we end up on some tangent about philosophy, psychology, economics, or some niche subject I was interested in for a few weeks.

Still, a "recommended books" page changes with my mood or what I am thinking about at that time. Tim Ferriss asks his interviewees in Tribe of Mentors what books they gift instead of which they recommend because gifting is a more pointed question. I also follow Ramit Sethi's rule of not thinking twice about buying a book that piques my interest. Books are cheap. A good book can earn you 100x on what you spend on it or can save you 100x its cost.

So, instead of putting together a list of books I recommend, here's a list of books I have purchased on Amazon (or Audible) since December 2016 (an arbitrary date I chose to limit this list). This does not include books purchased before December 2016, books purchased at brick-and-mortar bookstores, or books borrowed from friends.

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