GUEST POST: How to Send a Job Application Email and Actually Get Hired

I write about cold emailing to land new opportunities. A lot of the time. Taking the time to actually sit down and send a single, well-written email can be the difference between blasting out resumes and never hearing back and landing your dream job. Even when you see the best opportunity out there, you still […]

Always Take Job Interviews – Even When Working a Job You Like

I recently sat down with an old friend who told me about his situation at work. He feels guilty for wanting to take job interviews at other companies because he likes his current job. But he also thinks other jobs look interesting. He’s working a job he enjoys right now but he feels like the husband who […]

How a High School Student Can Get Ahead in Their Career

I recently received this message on Facebook after introducing myself to alumni of the Foundation for Economic Education: Hi Zak! I just read your post on the FEE FB page. My name is … and I went to my 1st FEE session this summer. … I am really interested in your work in the area […]

How to Apply for a Job When You Are Not Qualified

Job qualifications are negotiable. Most people don’t realize this. They see a posting or hear about a job that sounds cool to them and immediately see if they’re qualified. They see they lack relevant experience or a credential or a specific skill and never apply. Don’t do this. Always apply if you think you can […]

GUEST POST: Should I Get a PhD and Become a Professor?

This is a guest post by Professor Jason Brennan, the Robert J. and Elizabeth Flanagan Family Professor of Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy at the McDonough School of Business and Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University. He’s also the author of several forthcoming books, including In Defense of Openness, with Bas van der Vossen.  I’ve […]

Should You Go to Grad School?

A relatively successful friend of mine told me the other day that she was thinking of going to grad school. This caught me off-guard because her career doesn’t need grad school. She hasn’t tapped out her opportunities in her current role or company. She’s on a pretty reliable path to financial and professional success before the […]

How to Build an Email List For Your Personal Site

Your personal site is a hub of your personal and professional development. It’s the core of your personal brand and how most people who don’t know you can find out about you. If you don’t have a personal site, build one now. Once you have one, you should build an email list.   Your personal site is […]

How to Pitch a Guest Post (Email Scripts)

I like guest posts. I like featuring other people on my blog who have interesting perspectives on topics I write about. Aaron Watson recently contributed a guest post here on how to pitch podcast hosts. Christos Makridis wrote a guest post here on the importance of training for soft skills. Nicholas Kleinhuizen wrote a guest post here on how he learned […]

How to Land Great Podcast Guests (Email Scripts)

Starting a podcast is a powerful, high-investment way to grow your network and build your network in a specific niche. Plus, if you enjoy talking to interesting people, it’s a great way to have fun while working. It’s one of the ways I encourage people to get started on building out their personal brand. I’ve […]

How to Get Coffee With Colleagues (Email Scripts)

One of the best actions you can take at a new job, internship, or role is to ask your colleagues out for coffee or lunch. You make an impression on them, learn more about the company (which helps you avoid mistakes and get promoted faster), and can grow your professional network with the people who […]

How to Ace Your Job Hunt By Getting Great Testimonials

It feels great to get an endorsement from somebody whom you respect.

When somebody is thinking about working with, hiring, or investing in you, they’re looking for reasons to say no. They want to know what red flags might be lurking in the background and would keep them from saying yes. You can tell them all day about how great your skills are or how conscientious your work is […]

Don’t Go To Networking Events – Go To These Instead

When I first got started in my career, I did whatever I could to build my professional network quickly. I had developed a pretty good network despite coming from a rural coal town in the middle of Pennsylvania, but I knew that I had to put in work to meet people, especially as I moved around. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Doing Research Before Sending Cold Emails

I recently met a number of young professionals at an event who asked me how, when it comes to sending cold emails, they could send 1000 more every day. I asked them why they wanted to do that. Inevitably, the answer came back to “isn’t it always better to do more outreach?” No. It’s not. It’s […]

Case Study: How to Land an Interview on a Podcast

Aaron Watson Interview on a Podcast

Landing an interview on a podcast is a great way to increase your credibility, grow your network, develop authority, and land new opportunities. I’ve landed paid speaking engagements from podcast appearances, sold thousands of books, and built lasting relationships I call on to this day. There are good and bad ways to pitch a podcast […]

Case Study: How to Pitch Journalists & Get Featured in a Major Magazine

Learning how to pitch journalists is one of the highest-return skills you can pick up if you’re launching a product, a book, or a new initiative. It’s also pretty opaque if you’ve never worked with anybody in PR or earned media. For years, I felt like approaching journalists was a dark art. I usually just let […]

Sales Tip: Don’t Keep Selling to Early Stage Startups

When you’re starting your business or taking your freelancing career from one-off clients to full consulting gigs, it’s easy to take what you can get. Especially if you come from the startup world, you may want to sell into early stage startups. You know the world well, you know what their problems are, and they don’t […]

How to Write a Resume Job Description That Gets You a Call Back

The job description is pink

I work with a lot of business owners and founders. My network knows this and people send me their resumes when they search for a job. The first thing I do before I send the resume along to the Very Busy People who run these companies is I check the job description they wrote in […]

“Why Should I Start a Website?”

The first question I ask somebody when I start doing career workshops with them is, “do you have a website?” If the answer is “no,” then I ask them, “why don’t you have a website?” I have yet to come across a good answer to this question. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur (or wannabe […]

“I Hate My Job. When Should I Quit?”

A lot of the people I talk to and work with directly change careers, start businesses, or learn new skills because they hate their current jobs. They know they want to quit eventually but they don’t know when that is. If we work together, we eventually have the conversation about when it makes sense to say auf wiedersehen to […]

3 Ways to Develop Authoritative Confidence Early in Your Career

“You sound like you know what you’re talking about. That alone is enough to make me want to work with you. You just have an impressive sense of confidence.” That’s what one of my clients told me when I asked him why he decided to work with me instead of the many other communications and career […]