RELEASE — New Series: Deschool Yourself

Do you ever feel like school did more to you than just use your time? Do you ever feel that you’re chasing things you don’t actually desire? Do you ever feel like you’re just checking off the boxes of your career, family life, and spiritual life? Do you wonder what it would be like to have the curiosity and love of learning that a young child has?

I know I’ve wondered these things many times over.

That’s why we’re releasing the Deschool Yourself podcast series today (Netflix-style, so you can download them all right now). Recorded by Jeff Till and yours truly over the last several months, the Deschool Yourself podcast explores the history of school, its effects on your thinking, and how you can break free.

Interviews with Dr. Peter Gray (of Free to Learn fame), Thaddeus Russell (of A Renegade History of the United States acclaim), Brett Veinotte (host of the School Sucks Project Podcast), and TK Coleman (education director at Praxis) give you real, actionable steps you can take to free yourself from the constraints of school.

It’s easy to get cynical and bogged down in pessimism when discussing the effects of school on the young and developing mind, so we tried to end this podcast series with real, practical tips you can take to deschool yourself. We want to give you the cognitive and psychological tools to become a free, effective, and happy individual in love with learning more about the world.

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RELEASE — New Series: Deschool Yourself