Starting a Cult for Fun and Profit – Interview with Salem Marrero

This is the first of a series of conversations where we explore utopian and dystopian models of the future. Welcome to Slayback to the Future.

So, you want a highly devoted group of followers who will risk their careers, lives, and fortunes for you? You’d like to become fabulously wealthy, powerful, and feared? You want to fill the void that many suffer with in the age of interconnected connectionlessness?

You should start a cult!

This is a fascinating discussion with Salem Marrero, a good friend whose father was an inner-circle member of Adidam, a Buddhist-Marxist cult in California. Salem not only goes into detail of what his early childhood was like but also how the cult has affected his thinking into early adulthood, how he started to de-cultify his mind, and why people were attracted to Adidam.

We then take a step up higher and discuss what is and isn’t a cult, why people join cults, and if there are any redeeming qualities of cults. We also explore how easy it is to know you are in a cult from the inside and where to get started if one were interested in starting their own!

Some links given by Salem:

Notes on Skeptics of Adidam

Adida Up Close

Intro and outro audio ripped from Mind Control Made Easy.

Huge thanks to Lacey Peace for killer production work in this podcast.

Starting a Cult for Fun and Profit – Interview with Salem Marrero