What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve made it more of a focus over the past few months to be consuming more content while I am producing (or at least, publishing) less content. Specifically, to consume content from related, but different, fields and subject matters. It is developing an ability to read one book while making connections to other books and using information in one to analyze or synthesize information from another that contributes to the development of original thought. In an effort to promote intellectual flexibility, for lack of a better term, I’ve been pushing myself to read more than 3 books at once, something that would have been difficult a few years ago.

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I used to push myself to finish any book I was reading, even if I found that I wasn’t getting value out of it. Not anymore. Instead of getting the pang of guilt at putting down a book that I am not yet enjoying, I remind myself the other books and content I could be consuming while reading that book and the opportunity cost of continuing to read that book. This makes putting the particular title down much easier.

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What I’ve Been Reading