The world is divided into two classes of people:

Those who do things.

Those who watch people do things.

Most people fall into that second category and live in the world created and shaped by the people in the first category. The oddballs, visionaries, workaholics, and passionate freaks of that first category are the Doers.

Doers are entrepreneurs, intellectuals, artists, chefs, parents, athletes, and so much more. What makes them different than most people is that they have an unusual bias for action. Where most people get caught up thinking, “that would be nice to do,” the Doers act on that thought.

This is where I interview the Doers.

Episode 000 – Coming Soon: Doers

Episode 001 РTim Chermak on Marketing, Sales, Real Estate & Building a Legacy 

Episode 002 – Isaac Morehouse on Launching a Company with a Family

Episode 003 – Mathew Pregasen on Learning to Code and Launching a Startup

Episode 004 – Hannah Phillips on Being a Young Entrepreneur

Episode 005 – Taweh Beysolow II on Learning Machine Learning

Episode 006 –¬†Aaron Watson on Starting a Podcast

Episode 007 – Salem Marrero on Self-Educating in Data Science

Episode 008 – Jason Brennan on Succeeding in Academia

Episode 009 – Danny Vega on the Ketogenic Diet

Episode 010 – Chad Grills on Launching a Media Company

Episode 011 – Steve Patterson on Doing Philosophy Outside of Academia